Publications and Reviews


My books on Amazon

My Goodreads author page


Poetry and prose collection: Mastered Thesis (Cyberwit Publishing)


Poetry collection: Brexit Brokeshit


Poetry January 2018: The Poet’s Haven


Fiction forthcoming (Oct 2017): The Crazy Oik

Fiction Oct 2017: Scarlet Leaf Review

Fiction Oct 2017: Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine Fall 2017

Creative political take – June 2017: The Libertarian’s Prison

Fiction May 2017: Inane Pure Slush Volume 14


Fiction August 2016: The Flash Fiction Press

Poetry July 2016: 13 Myna Birds

Poetry April 2016: The Stray Branch

Poetry March 2016: Dead Snakes


Poetry May 2015: Oddball Magazine

Poetry April 2015: Walking Is Still Honest (W.I.S.H) magazine

Poetry March 2015: The Mind[less] Muse

Poetry January 2015: Dead Snakes


Poetry October 2014: The Open Mouse

Poetry August 2014: The Open End

Poetry August 2014: Leaves of Ink

Poetry (forthcoming or defunct?) July 2014: Inclement Magazine

Poetry June 2014: Eunoia Review

Poetry June 2014: Bluepepper

Fiction May 2014: Mad Swirl

Poetry April 2014: Message in a Bottle

Fiction March 2014: Farther Stars

Poetry February 2014: Black Mirror Magazine


Poetry October 2013: Insert Coin Here Anthology

Poetry July 2013: Spinozablue

Poetry June 2013: Mudjob

Poetry May 2013: Pyrokinection

Poetry May 2013: The Commonline Journal

Poetry April 2013: The Journal

Poetry April 2013: Mistress Quickly’s Bed

Poetry April 2013: Unlikely Stories

Poetry March 2013: Dead Snakes

Poetry February 2013: Unlikely Stories


Poetry October 2012: Decanto

Poetry Chapbook January 2012: Realms of Man/ Metamorphosis of Woman


Fiction December 2011: Kaleidotrope

Joseph Robert’s Reviews:

Poetry review in Sabotage Reviews

Fiction review in SFRevu

Fiction review in Locus Magazine


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